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Design is One

My Philosophy

I ❤️ code and design

The ability to actualize an idea, translating it from pure thought to reality. From the technical to the visual, every part should be both meaningful and purposeful.

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My Design Philosophy

My philosophy is influenced by Massimo Vignelli who stated that Design is One. Regardless of the medium, design should be meaningful and purposeful.

With everything I do, I try to incorporate the teachings of the great designers that came before me. That's important to innovation: standing on the shoulders of giants. For me and my designs, its about how to solve problems, but also in a way that is better than any other solutions that have been tried before. Its about exploration and discovery. Trying something new, but still keeping in mind past successes.

Keeping with iterative design is essential for my design process because of its emphasis on communication. At the core of design, its all about communication and how we can transfer thoughts and ideas from one person to another. Allowing for a constant feedback loop helps make those lines of communication clearer, even though it is difficult for me to release incomplete work, or work that can be improved. In the end, everything can be improved.

Which leads to quality. Like many other artisans before me, I believe that quality is not something that can be compromised. Quality is not a sliding scale; it is either there or it is not. In any form of design, be it graphic, web, or otherwise, quality is the mark of craftsmanship. When you think of Design as One, quality is everything.