Kevin Glover.

Developer, designer, technologist.

I love making things that are functional, beautiful, and provide people with a bit of unexpected joy.

My Design Philosophy

I believe that design is universal; if you understand the principals of design, you can design anything.

My philosophy is influenced by Massimo Vignelli who stated that “Design is One.” Regardless of the medium, design should be meaningful and purposeful.

My passion is making interactions between humans and technology better by applying the principles of usability, user experience, and design.

About Me

I do what I love.

I am currently working at Emory University working on web apps for scholars, educators, and students. My focus is on crafting apps that are easy and fun to use for both end users and admins, while also contributing to the Open Source community.

Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

This is my mantra. It reminds me to explore new ideas and perceptions when developing and that mistakes are not a big scary thing; they are necessary for the discovery process. Nothing is off-limits! Tinkering with layouts, source codes, and prototypes is what makes me jump out of bed every morning.

To me, design is all about getting to the heart of a problem, analyzing it completely, and surpassing expectations.


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